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As life happens between each inhale and exhale, we can never know what’s going to come next in our life, nor should we try to figure it out. Insanity doesn’t sit far from a mind of constant chatter and mental masturbation.  I know this…I am one person who is constantly trying to un ravel the mysteries of life’s journey.  Being a person who spends a lot of time in her own head, it’s taken me almost 40 years to learn how to hone in on the “gift” of writing.

3 elements of Yoga truth- Physical strength, moving meditation and church on your mat!

When I come to my mat, the 3 truths I bring to my practice is to come away with more strength then I had before, a mind clear of “chatter” to be closer to who I am, the truth of how I’m supposed to live, guided by the great “I am” Devine teacher (God). This is church! When we have these three elements on and off our mat we can be better humans, leaders, life students and more compassionate to ourselves and others!

Family Matters!

Family Matters! We all agree our kids matter, our marriages matter, the way we raise our family Matters. There’s so much that matters, that along with the storm of life it can all become overwhelming.

Living Unchained

We’ve allowed everyone else in the world to tell us how to live our lives. But are we living authentically who we were meant to be? Free from the expectation of others, and judgment of ourselves and others. Those that judge you only do so, because they are insecure in their own lives and fear the things in others, they don’t understand.

Heart open, honey!

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